1. Classifying an edit as Minor or Major will be determined by NY Digital Solutions Inc. (NYDS)

2. NYDS will provide the quality digitized files to every customer. Please do take a sample before production. NYDS will not be responsible for any embroidered items.

3. The fee for major editing or the fee for editing files that have not been digitized by NYDS will be decided by NYDS.

4. Size change (Up-Size) orders will be charged only the difference of stitches between the original design and the up-sized design.

5. Payments can be made via -Master Card, Visa and American Express Card.

6. Sew-out jobs will only be considered as ‘Done’, until the design sew-out perfectly. NYDS will check and determine the sew-out and a scan image of the final sew-out.

7. Account will be locked if an invoice older than 7 days is not cleared/paid. You will not be able to place any new orders or quotes in such case. Making the pending payments will unlock the account instantly.